Why are buyers choosing Rio Valley?


New home buyers are discovering Rio Valley and builders are responding because the buyers like what they see.  They see that Rio valley is  neighborhood of the future for El Paso.  The features Rio Valley has are found no where else.

Rio Valley is a place where all the houses don’t look alike.  The rules of the subdivision require the builders to make a distinct architectural style for each home and that the same style can not be next to each other. Buyers prefer this.  They want individuality.  They want their home to be unique, instead of like all the others on the street.








Rio Valley has street trees that are planted between the sidewalk and curb and are maintained by the property owner’s association.  This cost is $300 per year and the benefit will be that everywhere a person walks in Rio Valley, they will be under the shade of a tree. The entire subdivision will end up under a tree canopy. Buyers like that.  They can imagine themselves, their children  and their parents using walking as a choice for transportation.

street tree side










In Rio Valley  there will be a little “downtown” area where residents will be able to walk to for something to eat or drink or other convenient services they can take advantage of.  Buyers want the ability to walk on a weekend morning to coffee or  breakfast.








Rio Valley has a central park with an area for skateboarding and BMX bikes.  It also has half court basketball, a swing set and play equipment, a plaza with a gazebo and a big open play area. No new neighborhood in El Paso can match the Rio Valley park.  Buyers like that.


They  found that Rio Valley has many of the El Paso’s quality builders to choose from.  Buyers can choose to have a complete custom home built or choose from existing speculative homes.  There are a variety of sizes and prices.








Come out to Rio Valley and see why buyers are choosing Rio Valley for their new home.

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