It’s About Choice

For a long time mankind created neighborhoods where people could access their daily needs by walking.  We changed from that with the use of the automobile and began building neighborhoods for cars, not people.  Now people have no choice but to drive.

Rio Valley is an attempt to bring back the old style neighborhoods where a person has a choice if they drive a car or not to get something as simple as a loaf of bread. Rio Valley is the only new neighborhood of this type in El Paso, making it the only choice you have for a different lifestyle opportunity.

Once you choose Rio Valley for your new home, you then have the choice of a home with the garage in the back or in the front. And then you have a choice of the architectural style that is right for you. You will also have a choice of builder. Rio Valley is about choice.

Choosing Rio Valley means that children can safely get an ice cream cone or piece of pizza on their bike, or by walking. It means elderly people can walk to get their groceries, instead of driving. It means everyone can walk to the park, or stroll the walking paths, or go to the orchards. And it means that everyone can have an opportunity for a higher quality of life.

And maybe choosing Rio Valley for your next home can help the planet at the same time too.

its about choice